Marathon Wedding

September 1st, 2013
This week has been a very hectic busy week with non-stop weddings, mendhi parties and registrations. Travelling nationally everyday of the week to fulfill and cater the needs of my clients to ensure their day goes perfectly. It was a non-stop wedding extravaganza from 24th August till the 1st of september. Some days i had double bookings morning and evening but was carried out perfectly with no slip-ups

New Season

August 14th, 2013
After a short break from weddings in the Month of Ramadhan, the Season starts tomorrow with Mendhi Ceremony at Lahore Village and will be moving on to the actual wedding day at Holiday Inn birmingham and the Walima will be held at Desi Nawab. Looking forward to photographing this lovely couple. This month is extremely busy for me with a hectic schedule of weddings as there are only few dates left in the holiday season.


August 3rd, 2012
MR creative images photographs weddings of different cultures and religions, such as Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Christian weddings. MR Creative images tends to capture the bride and grooms special moments of their day when they are enjoying themselves with their friends and family and highlighting these special candid images through photographs which will be presented to them in a Storybook album. As we know with Asian weddings, it is not a one day event, we do cover days such as Mendhi rasam, Sehra bandi, baraat, rukhsati, registration. MRcreativeimages always deliver high performance on all of these days to ensure your day is captured in the best possible way.

Winter Wedding 2013

January 20th, 2013
First ever white, snowy, cold wedding taken place today. We got the Bride & Groom to have a snowball fight and took stunning pictures of the Bride and Groom capturing every moment. The Bride looked stunning in her Peach colour outfit which complements the colour of the snow. Although, the weather may have caused a drawback to the wedding we still managed to pulled it off, giving the Bride and Groom a day to remember. Look out for the photographs which will be released soon also keep an eye out on the Facebook page for updates.

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Sana & Imran – 23rd April 2011

July 29th, 2012
It was a start of a new beginning for Sana & Imran. Beginning with their mendhi day which was full of colour and Bollywood style song and dance which was a pleasure to photograph. The wedding was held in Holiday inn, Birmingham. We captured all the details of their special day as well as a photoshoot with the bride and groom after they had their refreshments. We did some candid shots and some formal portraits of family and friends. While my friend captured the essence of the wedding through his video camera. Myself and Zaf digitals often work together as a team and we try to capture the wedding in the most creative style possible. As this was not the first wedding in Sana’s family that we have done, they are such a wonderful family to work for and it was a pleasure to recreate this fabulous moment for Sana and Imran. As i was covering from Sana’s side i did not get the chance to do the Walima photography but had a chance to take photographs for her registration which was held at Solihull registry office.